West Brom 2 Liverpool 1 highlights 2/4/11

West Brom 2 Liverpool 1 football highlights 2/4/11

Martin Skrtel gave the reds a 1-0 lead early in the second half but 2 penalty goals from Chris Brunt were enough to give the baggies a victory. The second being 2 minutes from the final whistle.

On Saturday Roy Hodgson finds himself in the unenviable position of managing a side against the previous club he had been sacked from and has went on record to state ahead of Saturdays clash that Kenny Dalglishs legacy and adoration from the Anfield faithful meant that managing the club wasn't easy, especially when the former Switzerland and Blackburn coach was chosen ahead of Dalglish. "It's difficult to compete with icons,'' he said. "I came to the right club, perhaps I didn't come at the right time because Kenny did make it clear at that time that he wanted the job. The people who were making the decisions at that time decided to go for me, and as a result that left Kenny in a difficult position because he is one who wanted the job."

"So when things didn't go well, having him in the background wasn't easy and wouldn't have been easy for any coach. That happens at virtually every football club, to be quite honest. There's always someone in the wings who's a little bit of an icon and who's ready to take over if the results don't go that way." The live match takes place at the hawthorns and kicks off at 3pm.

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