Chelsea fan racially abuses Manchester United's Danny Wellbeck

Chelsea fan racially abuses Manchester United's Danny Wellbeck

Very depressingly, the racism storm continues and ironically in of all places, Chelsea FC, who have just cried wolf at the FA for comments Mark Clattenburg had allegedly made to Chelsea players in the blues 3-2 defeat to Manchester United last Sunday.

It seems that some idiotic Chelsea supporter had to try and outdo Clattenburg's abuse and be even more vulgar as can be seen in the picture above with the "fan" mimicking a monkey in the direction of United's black player Danny Wellbeck.

This situation regarding racism is currently in chaos. Authorities want to stamp out something which can simply not be completely stamped out. There will always be a couple of lowlifes in every walk of life who will resort to vile methods in order to attack another individual.

Clattenburg, whether he is guilty or not of racial abuse, must currently have a wry smile in that his accusers have egg well and truly all over their face and Chelsea will surely come down very hard on this individual.

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